Contributing to jQuery Foundation Web Sites

Just like our JavaScript libraries, we maintain the design and content of all our websites in the open, with everything available on GitHub. We do this for several reasons: It works for code. Open source development is collaborative, auditable, and decentralized — all qualities that should be part of working on design and documentation as … Continue reading

Getting Started Contributing to Open Source

Contributing to the jQuery project, and to any FOSS project for that matter, can be a rewarding experience both in terms of the way you can help yourself and projects you are working on, as well as the countless number of others you may help with your contribution. Taking that first step though, can be … Continue reading

Markup Conventions for jQuery Foundation Sites

All of the sites that are part of the jQuery WordPress network use the following markup conventions to apply styling to elements. Please adhere to these conventions if you are working on any of our web sites. This page is a live example of these conventions in action. Tools & Libraries The jQuery sites are … Continue reading

jQuery Foundation Copyright Assignment Agreement

For good and valuable consideration, receipt of which I acknowledge, I hereby transfer to jQuery Foundation, Inc. (the "Foundation") my entire right, title, and interest (including all rights under copyright) in my changes and enhancements to any code or other work contributed by me to the open source project commonly known as the jQuery Project … Continue reading

How to Report Bugs

link Before You Reportlink Make Sure It's a jQuery BugMany bugs reported to our bug trackers are actually bugs in user code, not in jQuery code. Keep in mind that just because your code throws an error and the console points to a line number inside of a jQuery project, this does not mean the … Continue reading

Supporting Other Users

With millions of jQuery users all over the world, there's always someone out there who needs a helping hand. Like many open source projects, the jQuery Foundation relies on community support channels like forums, IRC, and StackOverflow. Helping out with support is one of the best first steps you can take to get involved in … Continue reading

Writing Code for jQuery Foundation Projects

Like many Open Source projects, the majority of jQuery contributors are volunteers; their ability to contribute ebbs and flows with the demands of their professional and personal lives. As a result, jQuery projects are always looking for talented people who are motivated to contribute. New contributors sometimes make the mistake of starting with a pull … Continue reading

Individual Contributor License Agreement v3.0

Thank you for Your interest in the jQuery Foundation. This document clarifies the terms under which You, the person listed below, may make Contributions — which may include without limitation, software, bug fixes, configuration changes, documentation, or any other materials — to any of the projects owned or managed by the jQuery Foundation. Please complete … Continue reading