Contributing to jQuery Foundation Web Sites

Just like our JavaScript libraries, we maintain the design and content of all our websites in the open, with everything available on GitHub. We do this for several reasons: It works for code. Open source development is collaborative, auditable, and decentralized — all qualities that should be part of working on design and documentation as … Continue reading

jQuery Repository Maintainers Guide

This page is a collection of tips and tricks for dealing with pull requests and managing the jQuery git repositories on GitHub. link Fetch the Pull RequestGithub stores the refs for each pull request on the main repo. Assuming you have the jquery repo set as your upstream remote, you can use the following git … Continue reading

Supporting Other Users

With millions of jQuery users all over the world, there's always someone out there who needs a helping hand. Like many open source projects, the jQuery Foundation relies on community support channels like forums, IRC, and StackOverflow. Helping out with support is one of the best first steps you can take to get involved in … Continue reading